Bit Fest 2 is coming Saturday February 21st!

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Bit Fest 2: Electronic Boogaloo is happening Saturday, February 21 at Aeronaut Brewing Company in Somerville! We’re going all day from noon to midnight – more games, more tournaments, more trivia, rad retro vendors, and of course beer! All ages welcome before 6pm, adult focused after 6. Admission, console games, and tournaments are free! Arcade games will be accepting quarters, so raid that change bowl!

Free Tickets

Some free eventbrite tickets were setup by the venue. Tickets are not required for entry. If the venue reaches capacity, ticket holders will get priority entrance. You should have no problem getting in if you arrive early!


Some great vendors will be at the event including High Energy Vintage, The Daily Robot, Replay’dDapper Pixel, Golden Game Barn and 8 Bitty Games.

Tournament Schedule

Sign-up for tournaments at the change table the day of the event. Good sense of humor is required. No Fee for entry. One mediocre prize per victor. Schedule may change without much notice.

Noon Event Start
1pm R.C. Pro AM 2 NES 4p
2pm Sonic 2 Genesis
3pm Bust-A-Move Arcade
3:30 Triva
4pm MarioKart 64 N64 4p
5pm ???
6pm Bomberman Saturn 8p
7pm Towerfall PC 4p
7:30 Trivia
8pm Tekken Tag Tournement PS2
9pm ???
10pm Mortal Kombat II Aracde
11pm Typing of the Dead Dreamcast
Midnight Game Over